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Here is the Site Map for Symbiosis Relaxation Music; Digital DIY and AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand:



Gentle Music for Deep Relaxation and Healing

Introduction to Symbiosis

On-line Catalogue (Catalogues in: Spanish/Español; German/Deutsch; Japanese; French/Français)

Guide to choosing and using Music for Relaxation

Reviews of Touching the Clouds and: 'What they say' about Symbiosis Music

Research into Music for Relaxation

News about Symbiosis

Order Symbiosis Music

Contact Symbiosis

Downloads from Symbiosis

Article about Symbiosis from The Independent - "Songs in the Key of Valium"

About the Group

Symbiosis Musicians: John Hackett - Richard Bolton - Clive Williamson - Maloviere

Symbiosis Albums: Touching the Clouds - Amber and Jade - The Comfort Zone - Sea of Light - Song of the Peach Tree Spring - Dancing in Your Dreams - Tears of the Moon - Autumn Days - Lake of Dreams - AOTEAROA Nature Sounds of New Zealand

Symbiosis VideosDiscographyBroadcasts & Performances

Interviews with Symbiosis Musicians - John Hackett and information about Sketches of Satie (with John & Steve Hackett)

Photo Gallery

Symbiosis compose music for reknowned author, lecturer & healer Denise Linn

Links We Love

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Digital DIY - Online magazine for creativity with digital technology

Digital DIY - Introduction / Index / Sound Clips

Interviews: Jaco Pastorius - Bob Moog

Featured Articles:

Protecting your Hearing - 'A Word in Your Ear'

VDUs and Computer Satefy

Digital DIY Part 1 (July 1996)Digital DIY Part 2 (August 1996)

Creative Audio Part 1 (Using Pro Tools Plug-Ins) - Creative Audio Part 2 (Sound Design & DIY Musical Effects)

Field Recording in New Zealand (Sound Effects)


ProTools IV - Review (1997)

Recordable CD Comes of Age


AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand

Introduction to AOTEAROA and Nature Sound Recordings by Symbiosis (Including bird calls to download)

Sights and Sounds of New Zealand (download birdsong) About the album: AOTEAROA Nature Sounds of New Zealand

Field Recording in New Zealand (Sound Effects)

Harry Nance - Sheffield Artist

About Harry Nance and his paintings

Gallery of Harry Nance's paintings


Profile; Guardian Article; Résumé / CV; Interviews; Recordings

Chris Glassfield - musician, composer, improviser  



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