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Portrait of Rick BoltonAfter a classical training at Oxford University playing cello, Richard Bolton has become one of the unsung heroes of the London jazz scene, where he is highly respected for his sensitive and versatile guitar playing. A founder member of the atmospheric and relaxing group Symbiosis, he has also been a key member of innovative and enjoyable groups like Spice Trade, The Happy End Big Band and the Latin-influenced Evidence.

Richard is perfectly at ease playing virtually any style of music, and draws on jazz, classical, and folk roots to weave his intuitive improvisations with Symbiosis. He played acoustic guitar, atmospheric electric guitar, and evocative STEPP synthesizer on the group's first album Tears of the Moon, and his acoustic work has been an essential part of the Symbiosis sound since then.

In addition to his latest work on Dancing in Your Dreams and Denise Linn's guided meditations (including Phoenix Rising,) Richard has toured in Hong Kong, the U.S.A. and Australia with the Beshtellers, played cello with Opera Circus, is part of the rhythm section of the Billy Jenkins Blues Collective, and has somehow found time to start the Richard Bolton Group too! More recent work by Richard includes his guitar contribution to the soundtrack of the highly acclaimed film Gosford Park and two major cello collaborations: one with June Tabor, Huw Warren and Mark Emerson on Tabor's album Rosa Mundi for Topic records; the other as half of 'Cooper and Bolton' with fiddler Pete Cooper.

Richard Bolton is available for session work, and can be contacted via Symbiosis. E-mail: relax(at) {replacing (at) with @ }

Hear him play with Symbiosis on: On the Wing; Salvador; Layers of Shade; Bahia Nova; Sesamum Seed & Rice; The Beauty Within; Going Home.

Now on iTunes! - Latest from "The Richard Bolton Group" is the jazz CD City Life - Ballads'n'Funk. This excellent album of Richard's original compositions is available in the UK from the Babel Label.

(See Guardian review below for indirect recommendation!) The album features nine tracks ranging from the driving jazz-funk of City Life to the Celtic-tinged ballad A Time for Peace, through some cool moods and lilting Latin/Afro rhythms. The line-up features Richard on guitars and cello, James Knight (alto sax); Mike Gorman (piano and organ) and the rhythm section of Thad Kelly (acoustic and electric bass) and Mike Pickering (drums).

Richard BoltonOf Richard's recent performance with Billy Jenkins and the Blues Collective's 'Summertime Blues' show, John L. Walters said in the Guardian:

" Second guitarist Rick Bolton squeezes exquisite solos between equally skilful rhythm parts. One of the treats of a small space like this is enjoying the details of sound and performance at close quarters. Bolton's solos are a constant delight - to us and Jenkins - with the added bonus that in a yellow spotlight he's the spit of Homer Simpson."


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