Drifting & Dreaming

Calming, serene and thoughtful…
the ambient and mindful side of Symbiosis

Coming soon: The best ambient pieces by Symbiosis collected on one album. Evoking imagined worlds of star-lit skies, drifting clouds, mists and flowing water, this timeless album is intelligently musical but non-intrusive; its mellifluous soundscapes unfolding gently without identifiable tunes or rhythms to distract the listener. It provides the perfect environment to encourage work, study, or creativity. Use this music to escape from the stresses of life; to mask unwanted sounds in your surroundings; or to give character to living, working and meeting spaces. Why not drift and dream with the ambient worlds of Symbiosis?

The artwork for Tunes & Themes by Symbiosis

Taking inspiration from classical composers like Debussy and Erik Satie; early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream; Gregorian Chant and ambient guru Brian Eno, Symbiosis musician and sound designer Clive Williamson originally created these pieces for radio and television soundtracks and for use as a background for holistic therapies. First released on albums like Tears of the Moon, Song of the Peach Tree Spring and Touching the Clouds, the group’s ambient work is still able to inspire and relax, as can be heard on Drifting & Dreaming.

Due for release on iTunes and Amazon Digital Music, streaming on Spotify and Apple Music (Spring 2023). Planned in two versions: as separate tracks or one flowing mix.

Preview the album below:

Or listen to extracts from the album:

Drifting & Dreaming Showreel Mix Download this preview mix of Symbiosis’ renowned serene and relaxing ambient work.


Ambient Images by Clive Williamson

Symbiosis: Perfecting the Art of Relaxation