Meeting the Music Makers

Between 1975 and 1984, radio journalist Clive Williamson carried out over sixty interviews with musicians, producers and designers from the world of rock, pop and jazz. Many of the interviews were broadcast on programmes such as Newsbeat and Rock On (BBC Radio 1); popular music programmes on the World Service; Capital Radio; and Radio London. Clive’s spoken archive includes influential figures including Paul Simon, Pete Townsend, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield and Phil Collins, as well as rare conversations with musical geniuses like Jaco Pastorius and Frank Zappa.


The first of Clive Williamson’s interviews to be published in book form is:

Brian Eno… from Bowie to Ambient

Three fascinating interviews with Brian Eno from 1977-84, revealing his methods of working solo; collaborations with David Bowie (Low & Heroes) and David Byrne (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts); and producing Talking Heads (Fear of Music). He also discusses creating Ambient music; his Art Installations; and his ideas on video. (Formats: A5 Zine, 60 Pages; PDF Download, 53 pages. Publisher: Symbiosis Music. Book by Clive Williamson.)

FREE BONUS CONTENT: Comes with QR Code giving unique access to listen free to a stream of Interview 1 (1977) re: Bowie, Another Green World and Before and after Science.

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Meeting the Music Makers Brian Eno Front Cover

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