Memories, Dreams & Incantations

with The Dufay Collective and Symbiosis

‘I recorded an a cappella version of this album in the early ’90s, which sold well, in a small way, as “healing songs”. The feedback was amazing, in terms of the effect it had on people, which made me realize that I could make it available to a wider audience if I had backing to the songs.
This led to a unique collaboration, with Symbiosis – known for their relaxing and meditative music – and The Dufay Collective, one of the leading exponents of Early Music. The result of which confirmed my belief that these are truly “healing songs”.  I hope you find it so.’    John

“Between the dream and the reality lies the song. Sing your song.”

The artwork for Touching the Clouds by Symbiosis

Musicians… John Saxby: Vocals. The Dufay Collective – Paul Bevan: darbukka; Giles Lewin: violin; William Lyons: bendir; Raphael Mizraki: ud, fretless bass; Peter Skuce: harp. Symbiosis – Richard Bolton: acoustic guitar; Ashley Drees: percussion; John Hackett: flute; Clive Williamson: quena, keyboards. Gary Thomas – didgeridoo on ‘The Giants’. Maloviere – tsimbala on ‘The Mandala’.

Recorded by John Saxby & Clive Williamson. (Additional recording at Pathway Studio, London – Tracks 2, 4, 10 & 12) Mixed, mastered, and tracks 3, 5, 8 and 11 produced by Clive Williamson of Symbiosis. Photo by Mark Tamer. Design by Micheline Mannion & Symbiosis. Album Produced by John Saxby. © 2014 Turning World Recordings Ltd. (p) 2014 Turning World Recordings Ltd. All rights reserved. A Turning World production. Cat. No. TWCD002 Turning World is a trading name of Turning World Recordings Ltd. EP (p) 2022 Turning World Recordings Ltd.

“Enfolded like a star, I reach out to where you are …” John Saxby

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“Thank you John, for giving us this beautiful, inspiring music!” Clive Williamson, Symbiosis