1. Private listening

Buying a CD or download gives you license to listen to the music and use it for private purposes.

2. Therapists/Practitioners/Holistic Centres

All the members of the group Symbiosis are members of the Performing Rights Society in the UK, which represents them worldwide. The albums by Symbiosis were originally created specially to be ideal for use in Massage and Holistic Therapies, Healing, and Alternative Therapies. However, when therapists play our music to their paying clients (even when it is used as calming background music) this is now classed as a ‘public performance’. Unfortunately this means that practitioners and therapy centres are now required to obtain a license to use our music in this way. Sorry! For more information, please visit the PPL/PRS website.

3. Use in Radio, Film, Television, Online and Multi-media projects

Symbiosis are represented worldwide by the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society.

As members of MCPS and PRS, commercially-released music by Symbiosis is covered in the UK by the BBC and ITV blanket agreements and may be included in any of their productions as long as it is fully reported.

We currently publish all our own material and are happy to discuss licensing of any of our original music or nature sound recordings in commercial projects. You can contact us by phone, letter or email (see below).

Some of our commercially-released albums are available in Sound Libraries at the BBC and ITV. Producers, please contact us if you need a copy of specific music to include in one of your programmes. Lake of Dreams and Sea of Light were created with you in mind and contain a variety of atmospheric music which is perfect for use in TV, Radio and Film.

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