Discover Brian’s theories on Ambient music… (‘Like a Monet painting…’) in the book Meeting the Music Makers: Brian Eno… from Bowie to Ambient

(NB Takes a while to load and play audio…)

Three fascinating interviews with Brian Eno, recorded between 1977 & 1984. Revealing: his methods of working solo; collaborations with David Bowie (Low & Heroes) and David Byrne (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts); and producing Talking Heads (Fear of Music). Eno also discusses Ambient music, his Art Installations and his creative use of video. (Book by Clive Williamson. Formats: A5 Zine, 60 Pages; PDF Download, 53 pages. Publisher: Symbiosis Music, 2022.) more…

(Music: “Venus & Crescent Moon” by Symbiosis from Song of the Peach Tree Spring and Lake of Dreams. Abstract background photo by Clive Williamson.)

Brian Eno Illustration