Morning and Evening Meditations – Download


DOWNLOAD these guided meditations to help you start and end your day! From Biodynamic Quantum Healing with relaxing music by Symbiosis.

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The Morning Meditation will leave you centred and grounded, allowing you to function at an optimal level during the day, while staying calm and focused.

The Evening Meditation will rebalance and ground you, taking the mind, body and spirit into a state of total relaxation, allowing you to let go of the trials of the day, and preparing you for a restful sleep.

Research indicates that people who meditate on a daily basis are better able to cope with stress, age at a slower rate, lead more fulfilled lives, and are less prone to developing serious illness.

Introduction by Lorraine Wright. Meditations by Mary Whyte. All the Biodynamic Quantum Healing meditations feature the beautiful, relaxing music of Symbiosis.

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