The Dream of the Emperor’s Concubine (Download)

by Maloviere & Symbiosis

Digital Download only.

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A retrospective collection of thoughtful Balkan- and Eastern-European-influenced tunes by Maloviere ~ not only an Actor, Character-Model and ‘Look-Alike’, but also a Musician living in Devonshire. Here he presents his compositions both as a solo performer and in collaboration with Symbiosis producer Clive Williamson on keyboards, flute and percussion; Richard Bolton on acoustic guitar and Ashley Drees on cittern and percussion. Maloviere plays violin; sopranino, soprano, alto & tenor recorders; balalaika; domra; and a delicate Russian steel-strung dulcimer called a tsimbala. Playing time: 44 mins. Find out more…

Available for download on iTunes and streaming on Apple Music.


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