Tunes & Themes by Symbiosis

Atmospheric, eerie, edgy and ghostly…
This album is Symbiosis at their spine-tingling best!

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The artwork for Thunder in Heaven by Symbiosis

“From the Dark Side” featured in the Sony Award-winning documentary “The Day They Made it Rain” (BBC Radio 4)

Downloads to audition (256k MP3’s – WAV files available on request):

Thunder in Heaven Showreel Mix Download this Showreel with examples on Symbiosis at their atmospheric and spine-tingling best.

The Depths of Mordor by Symbiosis (feat. John Hackett) Ghostly, atmospheric flute with tense, agitated background. (Composers: John Hackett; Clive Williamson)

Thunder in Heaven Haunting percussive keyboard piece (Composer: Clive Williamson)

On a Distant Shore Plaintive piece for Cor Anglais and French Horns with orchestral arrangement (Composer: Clive Williamson – Soloists: Sarah Devonald/Cor Anglais; Tim Devonald/French Horn)

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As heard on BBC Radio ~ featuring the evocative flute-playing of John Hackett