Tunes & Themes by Symbiosis

Energetic themes and beautiful tunes for flute, guitar
and more… Featuring flautist John Hackett

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NB: See below for Stings and Alternative versions.

Downloads to audition (256k MP3’s – WAV files available on request):

Tunes & Themes Showreel Mix Symbiosis – featuring John Hackett (on flutes and guitar) – present a brief introduction to their vibrant compositions.

Getting Away by Symbiosis (feat. John Hackett) Hopeful and gentle theme for flute and guitar (Composer: John Hackett) Stings available. Played by John Hackett. Produced by Symbiosis.

On a Summer’s Day (Pastoral version) by Symbiosis (feat. John Hackett) Light and carefree theme for flute & guitar (Composer: Clive Williamson) Style 1 of 3. Stings available. Guitar played by Richard Bolton.

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Tunes & Themes – Extra Stings and Alternatives:

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Featuring wonderful flute-playing by John Hackett ~ as heard on BBC Radio 4 & 5