Flowing with the Tide

Celebrating 30 years of creating music with Symbiosis, founder-member Clive Williamson has released a compilation of many of his favourite pieces with the group, titled Flowing with the Tide. The music ranges in style from deeply relaxing to gentle jazz or world-influenced, and is either performed by Clive on wind synthesiser, quena flute or keyboards, or are his compositions played by other members of Symbiosis. The album features John Hackett (flutes and guitar); Richard Bolton (guitars) and guests Sally Goodworth (piano), Ashley Drees and Michèle Drees (percussion) and Ian Ritchie (soprano sax).

“I’m really pleased with this collection of music,” says Clive, “because it represents all the facets of the group’s work over the years. It features some music specially for relaxation; uplifting pieces written for our live concerts; and a few atmospheric soundscapes which were originally created for radio and TV soundtracks. I think this compilation captures the essence of what I have been trying to say, musically, and I’d like to thank everyone involved with Symbiosis for their help in realising my dreams in sound.”

Clive Williamson of Symbiosis