Sound designer and musician Clive Williamson followed the shocking events of 2020 as thousands of people became ill with the COVID-19 virus, inundating hospitals in the UK and worldwide. It was obvious that both NHS hospital staff and Care Home workers were becoming overworked and stressed as a result of the pandemic.

Hence Clive wanted to contribute directly to the wellbeing of those who helped so much during the COVID-19 pandemic, so he is offering all NHS staff and Care Home workers a free download of his new relaxing Natural Sounds album:  At Peace with Nature until the end of 2023. As an added bonus for the NHS, Symbiosis will donate half the profits from CD and download sales (up to 31st December 2021) to UK Charities and Hospital Trusts funding Gardens and Healing Spaces in hospitals… starting with those closest to him in Devon. Clive says, “My wife, Nora and I love natural spaces and gardens, and it’s easy to see how beneficial they could be for hospital staff, patients, and visitors alike! I hope that At Peace with Nature will make a difference for many people needing to find moments of tranquillity in their daily lives.”