Clive Williamson and Symbiosis are proud to announce that the total number of tracks streamed from Clive’s recordings of New Zealand’s natural sounds passed the landmark figure of 500,000 early in December 2021. The most popular steaming platforms have been Spotify and Apple Music, but recordings from New Zealand NaturallySongs of Hope, At Peace with Nature (and the earlier/legacy album Aotearoa – Nature Sounds of New Zealand) are also available on Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Prime Music.

These natural sounds have been much loved in NZ, the UK and Europe since the first album was released in 1997, but streaming has brought them to an even greater audience world-wide.  Clive says, “I’m thrilled that my recordings are being enjoyed by so many people now! I think that the recent COVID restrictions made everyone appreciate the healing power of nature more, and reports from Spotify and Apple Music bore that out by showing a big rise in streaming during and after the lockdowns.” He hopes that his latest album At Peace with Nature will encourage people to relax by helping them to escape into peaceful new soundscapes from NZ, Australia, the UK and Colombia.

Symbiosis and Clive Williamson currently have over 1500 monthly listeners on Spotify. (Symbiosis support the NHS and Carers in the UK.)